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Trademarks and intellectual property are essential components of business that help protect the unique creations, ideas, and brand identity that distinguish your company from all others. These are images, symbols, names, and designs that become valuable assets that require licensing and protection. They can even extend to acronyms like IBM or to specific colors, fonts, and slogans, such as Nike’s “Just do it.”

At Suri Law, we understand the value and importance of your trademark or other intellectual property and are here to help you protect them. Our business law attorney is well-versed in trademark law, including intellectual property licensing and enforcement. With over a decade of business law experience and career dedication to this field, our attorney can provide advice, guidance, and representation in any matter involving your small business trademark. We offer flat-fee pricing for certain small business trademark services.

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Overview of Trademarks 

A trademark is a distinctive sign or symbol that identifies and distinguishes the goods or services of one business from those of others. It can be a word, phrase, logo, design, or combination of these elements. Trademarks help protect a company's brand and prevent confusion among consumers about the source of products or services.

A popular trademark is the golden arches of fast food giant McDonald’s which is known across the world. 

Trademarks fall under the umbrella term of “intellectual property” which refers to the creations of the mind as opposed to physical products, objects, or services. This type of “property” is protected by law which enables creators to earn recognition and financial benefits from them. 

Why Do Trademarks Matter to Your Business?

Trademarks matter to businesses for several reasons, as they play a crucial role in protecting and enhancing a company's brand identity, reputation, and market presence.

Key reasons for the creation and protection of your small business trademark include:

  • Brand Recognition: A trademark serves as a unique identifier that distinguishes your products or services from those of your competitors. This helps consumers easily recognize and associate the trademark with the business, building brand loyalty and trust.
  • Asset Value: Trademarks can become valuable intangible assets for a business. As the brand's reputation grows, so does the value of the trademark. In some cases, trademarks may be licensed, sold, or used as collateral for loans, providing additional financial opportunities for the company.
  • Legal Protection: Registering a trademark grants the owner exclusive rights to use the mark for their goods and services. This legal protection allows you to act against anyone who uses a similar mark that might confuse consumers or infringe on your brand identity.
  • Competitive Advantage: A strong trademark can help your company stand out in a crowded marketplace. It creates a unique brand identity that can be leveraged in marketing efforts, making it easier for customers to remember and choose your company's products or services over competitors.
  • Customer Trust: A registered trademark conveys professionalism and credibility, signaling to consumers that your company is committed to maintaining a consistent quality of goods and services. This can help build customer trust and foster long-term relationships with clients.
  • Geographical Expansion: Registered trademarks are protected within specific jurisdictions, but they can also be the basis for international registration, allowing businesses to protect their brand as they expand into global markets.

How a Trademark Lawyer Can Help

As a trademark lawyer, also known as an intellectual property (IP) lawyer, our Queens attorney can provide invaluable assistance in navigating the complexities of trademark law and protecting your brand identity. 

We can help with trademark issues such as the following:

  • Trademark Search and Clearance: Before adopting and using a new trademark, we can conduct a comprehensive search to identify potential conflicts with existing trademarks. This helps you avoid infringement issues and ensures that the chosen mark is unique and protectable.
  • Trademark Registration: We can guide you through the registration process, including preparing and filing the application, responding to any objections or inquiries from the trademark office, and ensuring that all necessary documentation is submitted. We also advise on the appropriate classes of goods and services for registration to maximize protection.
  • Trademark Maintenance: Our firm can help you maintain your registered trademarks by monitoring renewal deadlines, filing required maintenance documents, and keeping the registration up-to-date with any changes in ownership or usage.
  • Trademark Enforcement: If you discover unauthorized use of your trademark or potential infringement, we can assist in enforcing your rights. This may include sending cease-and-desist letters, negotiating settlements, or initiating litigation if necessary.
  • Trademark Licensing and Assignment: We can help draft and negotiate licensing agreements that allow other parties to use a company trademark under specific terms while ensuring that you retain control over your brand. We can also facilitate the assignment or transfer of trademark ownership when needed.
  • Trademark Portfolio Management: For businesses with multiple trademarks, we can provide strategic advice on managing and protecting your entire portfolio of marks, including prioritizing registrations, monitoring potential infringements, and advising on expansion into new markets.
  • International Trademark Protection: If you intend to expand globally, we can help navigate the complexities of international trademark law, advising on the best strategies for protecting the brand in various jurisdictions and assisting with international registration processes.

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